Camping Oxygène – Manoeuvre

Manoeuvre draws the line between Nieuw Gent and Kerkbrugge-Langerbrugge. Last summer, they created a camping gate in Campus Atelier (based on the entrance gate of the Herryville district in Langerbrugge) that was moved from one place to another with a real journey. Arriving in the link area, in the district or another place in the neighborhood, the gate is officially renamed Camping Oxygène. This campsite is a place with no amenities, a field full of grasses and the ideal travel destination close to home. Everyone is welcome to stay at the boundless camping site. From here they go in search of invisible knowledge and the undiscovered ability. Camping Oxygène has its origins in the imaginations of Chris Rotsaert, Gulseren Mustafova, Does Vandousselaere, Edibe Filiz and Elien Ronse. “We work with the scarcity and the excess, being alone or together, spending the night or afternoon nap, doing nothing and heavy work.”